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Executive producer & Director


          Born in Reus (Spain) and graduated in Audiovisual Communication from the UAB, Arencón began working as a scriptwriter in various animation series in Barcelona. Later he moved to Madrid, to work at the Globomedia production company, for which he wrote "Periodistas" and "Un paso para". Since then she has worked in many national series ("Ala ... dina", "Al filo de la ley", the adaptation of "Married with Children", the adaptation of "Betty la fea", "My twin is an only child "," Bandolera "," Los 80 ",, etc ...) for both regional channels (TV3) and state channels (TVE, Antena 3, Telecinco, Cuatro, ...). In recent years he has collaborated with Televisa Internacional (the number one Latin Major in Hollywood) to, among other jobs, co-create and write the action series "La Esquina del Diablo", which premiered successfully in 2015 in the US (Channel Unimás). He is also co-author of the original idea of ​​the comic soap opera “La trepa”, adapted in Mexico as “Before Muerta que Lichita” (Canal de las Estrellas, 2015), which became the most watched telenovela in Mexico that year. and of the political series “La Candidata” (Canal Las Estrellas de México, 2016), leader in its time slot and winner of various awards for best drama series on television in that country.


In addition to his career as a scriptwriter and producer, Arencón has to his credit directing various shorts, among which “Extremo” stands out, highly recognized by critics and the public, and the internet film “La liga del arte criminal” ( currently in Filmin), co-directed with Ángel de Andrés Téllez. At the end of 2017 he made his solo directorial debut with the filming of the relative humor film BELLEZONISMO.

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