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             Apocalipsis Productions responds to a concern that has arisen in Jordi Arencón for several years: that of generating his own audiovisual content from the very origin of the idea to the point and end of editing. Hence, Arencón teamed up with María José Serra (director of the Miah Management modeling and actor agency), Toni Morales (director of Nowmode) and the entrepreneurs Bruno López and Bruno López Jr to make these audiovisual dreams come true. If we have to label in anyway all the productions of Apocalipsis Productions, whether for film or TV, it would be by highlighting an essential point: their commitment to their quality, with a careful and pampered script in detail, and with an aesthetic groundbreaking even in genres like comedy that usually suffers from it. For all that has been said, Apocalipsis develops projects with a clear international vocation, which cross borders and represent a leap in quality for all of us who consider ourselves creative. And not only its own projects, but it also associates with external production companies to co-produce their projects or act as a service or associate producer. In addition to different spots and commercials, Apocalipsis has released its first film in theaters in the summer of 2019, the comedy BELLEZONISMO, currently on Amazon Prime Video and FlixOlé. And it is producing the TV series "BOOGIE", by Ángel de Ándrés Téllez, and co-producing, together with the Mexican Traziende Films, the TV series TIC-TAC.





Meet the Team

Maria José Serra
CEO & Creative Director
Bruno Loper Jr.jpg
Bruno jr Lopez
Content Originals Animation
Jordi Arencon.JPG
Jordi Arencón
Executive producer &
Bruno López
Toni Morales
Foto Montse.jpg
Montse Capón
Animation Producer


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